Forthcoming EventBranch 8 bell Practice – Thursday 2nd December

In order to help the local towers out, it has been agreed to run a “Branch 8 bell practice” on the 1st Thursday of each month, at Norbury.

The idea is to get a nucleus of people together to help people with different levels of experience progress in their ringing on 8 bells.

This month (December) we are adopting two methods which we intend to spend time ringing: Plain Bob Major and Cambridge Major. We will however cater for the needs of the people who actually turn up so if you can only “plain hunt” on 8, then still come along and we’ll see what we can do.

By request of the Branch (whose event this is) it has been agreed that the practice will start slightly earlier than we normally do, at 7:45pm.

The bells are good and the natives friendly – please come along!

To tie in with Children in Need this weekend, we attempted to ring a quarter peal of Pudsey Surprise Major.

Unfortunately, we did not manage the full 1250 changes in the composition, although we did have time to start again and ring a shorter touch (about 800 changes) of the same method for the service.

The first peal of the autumn at the tower was attempted yesterday evening to mark Remembrance Sunday.

Unfortunately, the rope on the tenor bell broke towards the end of the peal (after 2 hours 35 minutes of ringing and with an estimated 5 minutes to completion!) thus ending the attempt and proving that even with the best preparation, such feats are not a foregone conclusion!

Hopefully we will have a new rope in situ ready for the nextpeal attempt on December 18th.