Christmas Ringing Times

Christmas Day (Saturday) – 9:45am – 10:15am

Boxing Day (Sunday) – 9:45am – 10:15am

Note there will be no ringing for Evensong

All being well there should be a practice at the normal time on Thursday 30th December. Check here for details nearer the time!!

Upcoming Event – Branch 8-bell practice on Thursday 6th January 2005

This is the first Thurday of January and we are suggesting the target methods to be Grandsire Triples and Yorkshire Major.

The practice is open to all ringers. Even if you’re not quite there on these methods, please come along and we’ll try to fit in some ringing for you as well – the point of the practice is to encourage people to ring on 8 bells and to help out by having experienced ringers on hand!

Last night we had our Christmas Meal – photos to follow!

There will be a fair amount of bell ringing this weekend, being the one prior to Christmas. Following our final wedding (with bells) of 2004, we are ringing a peal from 4pm (until about 7pm if it all goes to plan) so listen out for that.

On Sunday, we intend to ring for both the morning service and the evening Carol Service. Hope to see you there!

Quarter Peal Rung!

London Surprise Major

1. Stephen Hughes

2. Simeon W Farrington

3. Rebecca Glen

4. Val A Andrews

5. Alan McFall

6. Peter Broadbent

7. Geoffrey R Gardner

8. James E Andrews (C)

Rung before the weekly practice

Last night was the first 8-bell “Branch practice” to be held. We had a manageable turn-out and had enough people to ring the two agreed methods, namely Cambridge Surprise Major and Plain Bob Major.

The next such practice will be on 6 January 2005 although all are welcome at the local practices!