It’s 2012!!!

Happy New Year everybody!

This Thursday 5th January is the first Branch Practice of the year. 7.45pm at Norbury Parish Church

We cover 8-bell ringing from rounds and call-changes all the way through to spliced-surprise major. So whatever your ability, there should be something there for you.

We’re a friendly bunch, all are welcome.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Branch Practice – this week!

Tomorrow, Thursday 6th October is the 8-bell branch practice, held at Norbury. From rounds and call changes on 8 bells, up to spliced surprise major, there should be something for all levels and abilities.

7.45pm – 9.30pm

March ringing

It’s the East Branch quarter peal festival coming up and we’re ringing 3 quarter peals at Norbury during March.

As a result, the practice nights have been disturbed for this month. There WILL be a practice night on Thursday 24th March 2011 but not for the remaining Thursdays.

The itinery is as follows:

Thursday 10th March – Quarter Peal of Lincolnshire Surprise Major

Thursday 17th March – Quarter Peal of Spliced Surprise Major

Thursday 24th March – PRACTICE NIGHT as normal

Thursday 31st March – Quarter Peal of Yorkshire Surprise Major

April ringing 

Things will revert to normal starting with the regular 8-bell practice on the first Thursday of the month (7th April)

No ringing at Norbury this Thursday. It’s the bi-monthly Macclesfield practice and there are too many people away to have a local practice.

Normal service should be resumed on Thursday 24th.

Happy New Year!

Apologies if you’ve tried to use the email form on the ‘contact’ page recently. My ISP changed something which caused it to break, but it is now fixed and should work again as normal.

At least until they change something else……..

Branch practice is tomorrow night – Thursday 4th November!

This is an 8-bell practice catering for those wanting to ring call changes on 8 all the way up to ringing spliced surprise major.

It’s a friendly practice and newcomers are welcomed. 7.45pm start – 9.30pm finish.

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