I hope that many of your questions about church bell ringing and in particular about the ringing at Norbury have been answered. Set out below are some additional details plus the opportunity to get in touch.

Ringing Times

Practice Night:  
  Thursday 8:00pm – 9:30pm
Sunday Services:  
  Morning Service: 9:45am  (service starts at 10:15am)
  Evensong: 6:00pm  (service starts at 6:30pm)

It is also worth checking out the news feed for other times when we may be ringing.

Can I just turn up?

You can, but I’d recommend getting in touch first, especially if you’re visiting from a distance, just in case for some reason we have to cancel. We tend to ring for Evensong by arrangement rather than as a matter of course.


Can I contact the tower?

Please fill in the boxes below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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    Are you the group that do the handbells?


    Rather confusingly, there is a well established handbell group called “Norbury Bell Ringers” who play tunes on their handbells to groups and societies. They are nothing to do with us or Norbury Parish Church. If it’s the handbell group you want try this link to get in touch with them.