Some firsts

I have been a little remiss recently in my updates on the website.

In particular we have had a couple of ‘firsts’ in 2014 with both of our most recent team membersĀ both scoring their first Quarter Peals. All the details are, unsurprisingly, on the ‘Quarter Peals‘ page and on Campanophile/Bellboard on the internet.

Do you fancy a new hobby? Why not come and visit us and find out what bell ringing is all about. We meet Thursday evenings at 8pm for our practice night. Just drop a line through the ‘contacts‘ page so we know to watch out for you.

A history of our bells

As part of a project for the Church, our very own Peter Broadbent has prepared a short history about the bells at St Thomas’ church, Norbury taking his details from a number of historic records about the bells.

This has been added to the site – visit the page ‘The Bells at Norbury’ for more details. Many thanks for Peter for allowing his history to be used on the website.

A busy practice

A varied practice night last night. Despite a number of our regular ringers being unable to attend, we had a number of visitors from surrounding towers. Although we did a couple of bob minor practices the majority of theĀ  evening was 8-bell ringing, from rounds and call changes up to surprise major.

Come along to our practice nights if you’re interested in learning, or developing your ringing. Thursday evenings from 8pm-9.30pm. If you’ve never rung before and are interested in learning drop us a line on the Contact page so we can arrange to meet you before the main practice and show you what it’s all about.

The website – reloaded!

I have been conscious that the Norburybells website has long since been left – unloved and forgotten about.

So I am in the process of updating things.

It will probably be a little slow to begin with as I’ve changed platforms and am trying to make sure it all still works.

As it stands, the entry page will be the news feed. It’s possible this might change in the future. But all the important stuff is still here and will gradually be brought up to date.

Anything you think needs to be here – drop me a message and let me know.

Email contact list

Just whilst I’m thinking about it.

Every now and again we have a situation where we don’t have enough to ring on a practice night – this tends to be towards the summer period when people start going away on their holds. In order to see how many we do have I send an email out as a show-of-hands approach to make sure people don’t turn out un-necessarily.

If you are interested in coming along to the practices (Thursday nights 8pm-9.30pm) and want to be on this distribution list drop me a line on here and I’ll add you to it.

June Branch Practice this week

Well I’ve managed to fail to put any updates on here in a few months. Best laid plans and intentions…..

Anyway, it’s the monthly 8-bell practice on Thursday – 7.45pm until 9.15pm.

All welcome. The practice covers anything really from rounds and call changes on 8 up to spliced surprise major with anything in between. It’s just a matter of who we have and what they can ring.

Do come along – it’s a friendly practice and there’s normally enough people to have a stander-with if you’re not quite confident enough without!

Hope to see you Thursday

It’s 2012!!!

Happy New Year everybody!

This Thursday 5th January is the first Branch Practice of the year. 7.45pm at Norbury Parish Church

We cover 8-bell ringing from rounds and call-changes all the way through to spliced-surprise major. So whatever your ability, there should be something there for you.

We’re a friendly bunch, all are welcome.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Branch Practice – this week!

Tomorrow, Thursday 6th October is the 8-bell branch practice, held at Norbury. From rounds and call changes on 8 bells, up to spliced surprise major, there should be something for all levels and abilities.

7.45pm – 9.30pm