Christmas Ringing Times

With Christmas Day and New Year’s Day being on a Thursday this year, the practice nights have both had to be cancelled. Therefore the next practice night wil be Thursday 8th January 2004

However there will be service ringing on Sunday 28th December and Sunday 4th January as well as ringing for the Christmas Day morning service.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

Forthcoming Event

There will be no practice night on Thursday 11th December as we are having a tower Christmas meal instead.

The plan of action is to meet at the Balti Massala (opposite the Rising Sun pub) at 8pm.

A month or so ago we attempted a Quarter Peal of Cambridge for one of our local ringers, which we failed to score. This evening, we tried again and were successful:

1250 Cambridge Surprise Major

1 Peter Broadbent

2 Deborah Houghton (1st quarter peal of “surprise major”)

3 Anne Mayes

4 Rebecca Glen

5 Stephen Hughes

6 Andrew C D Mayes

7 Geoffrey R Gardner

8 Simeon Farrington (C)

The Quarter Peal this evening was successful:

1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major

1 Edward Marchbank (1st quarter peal)

2 Rebecca Glen

3 James Marchbank (1st quarter peal of “surprise major”)

4 Peter Broadbent

5 Simeon Farrington

6 Carol Marchbank

7 Geoffrey Gardner

8 Trevor Marchbank (C)

A few more cosmetic changes to the site – nothing ground-breaking although things have gone a little “albino” whilst some of the technical bits are solved (mostly ensuring each page wants to talk to each other) – the issue of complete ignorance by the search engines is a bit frustrating, but I’m sure that will be solved in time.

Practice nights are going fine at the moment – last Thursday ranged from Bob Minor to Cambridge Major which was quite an achievement! However we’re always open to visitors so feel free to come along (see the Contacts page for details).


We have a small number of photos now added onto the pictures page. More to follow but this should hopefully whet the appetite.

We are currently scanning the tower Peal Book and hope to add this as a viewable archive in the near future. There are also a number of articles written about Norbury Bells, by ringers over many years which again we hope to provide a link to view these documents.

If you have any information about Norbury bells you would like to share please drop us a line – see the contacts page for details!

Forthcoming Event

We intend to ring a quarter-peal of Yorkshire Surprise Major for evensong on Sunday 16th November.

Here is the brand new tower website. This is the news page.

Whilst we don’t expect a vast rush of news, here forthcoming events can be added so people are aware of them.

Any comments, ideas should be forwarded ASAP as we’d like to get this as good as possible!